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White Lies lyrics

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Early in the morning,
I sit upin my bedroom, oh
Baby, in the perfect silence,
I can't hide it,
It's about enouugh now

Baby we went stalling,
And I've been telling fairytales,
This has taken all my focus, I can't do this,
That's all what you don't know

And I've been fighting down demands tryin to make way for lifee, but I just
Dig myself deeper down I gotta make it right

Oooh It's time to talk truth now,
It's time I, it's time that you know what you're getting into now,
These white lies, these white lies are,
Turning into shades of greya, wo down for every daya, they just won't go
Awaya (awaya),
Ah ooh it's time to talk about truth now
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