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Sack'a Puppies (Skit) lyrics

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Sack'a Puppies (Skit) lyrics song presented by Florida Georgia Line :

[Spoken: Brother Jervel]
Hey there fellers, this is your Brother Jervel, just wanna call on you and talk to you a little bit, kinda let you know what's goin' on down here at the church, you know I'm diggin' through these prayer requests and looks like Jesse Lee's name's back in the basket again, you know her, mom and daddy's still worried about her. Y'all remember her, I mean she was cuter than a sack of puppies boy, but, she know, she used to stay hearty and now she went off with this trust fund boy and they just worried about her, they travelin' the world and she worried 'bout, all the different viruses she can get, all the different food poisonings, and people eatin' all kind of different things out there, you know, so they just worried about her and want her to come back home, you know, just, wish she'd've married one of y'all boys. Anyway, talk on y'all later. Call me sometime!
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