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The Weekend lyrics

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The Weekend lyrics song presented by Interpol :

[Verse 1]
Stop reaching in, I’ll meet you there
Stop reaching in, I see you friend
All in good time we’ll speak
Stop reaching in

Say goodbye Lorena to the beach
Heaven knows the week was bombing
By the weekend you were here
Asleep in my arms

And the future looked like nowhere I’ve seen
That really happened
We believe it
It’s really magic

[Verse 2]
Days roll by non-discreet
The ebb and flow just reflects the infinite symmetry
You will come out for real celebration
In rhythm surrounded by foreign
You stand in vision I’ll sail away again

That really happened
We believe it
It’s really magic this time
Feeling even
It’s really happening now
Let the weekend spin right to the edge

[Verse 3]
Please say this whole adventure is dialing in
Deep state it’s all self interest leave it there
Breezing in, reaching in

Feeling even
That really happened
We believe it
It’s really magic now
We can see them
It really happened this time
Let the weekend spin right to the end
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